Just Ask Him

Scene from a short film I had the pleasure of working on this summer. From since childhood I've enjoyed the craft. I remember playing the Virgin Mary on numerous occasions throughout elementary and junior high. I also played Principal McGee from Grease (1978) in my high school musical, and college was filled with student plays … Continue reading Just Ask Him


Three Shows Worth Watching, if You Haven’t Already

Season after season, networks introduce us to new characters and plots, gripping us to our screens with no point of return because we crave drama. Netflix and Amazon Studios have taken notice, and now they too, are getting in on the action! Gone are the days when we passively sat in front of our television … Continue reading Three Shows Worth Watching, if You Haven’t Already

Minorities and the Mass Media

Mass Media has truly evolved into an incredible voice and community, opening its doors to minorities, who's dreamt of entering this exclusive industry as much as their white peers have. From Rev. Peter Williams, Jr, who founded the first African-American newspaper in 1827 to Connie Chung, a long time Asian American Journalist, who has worked … Continue reading Minorities and the Mass Media

Archive ’09: Sprite, Banned

So has anyone seen the new “banned” Sprite commercial on Perezhilton.com? The commercial features an interracial couple having oral sex. In it, the woman thinks about having a refreshing Sprite while her partner moans in pleasure. The big finally occurs when she envisions a large bottle of Sprite bursting into her mouth! What a load.

Archive ’09: Harris to Host Emmys

HARRIS HOSTS ON CBS! Neil Patrick Harris will host CBS’ Emmy cast. After hosting last month’s Tony Awards, the 36-year-old actor received critical acclaim and therefore, will both host and produce this year’s prime-time Emmys, which will air live at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on Sept. 20.

Archive ’09: Bachelorette Finale

So the Bachelorette on ABC came to its finale with a proposal and acceptance! Yes! Was Jillian Harris’ answer when Ed Swiderski, a Tech Consultant from Chicago, asked for her hand in marriage. This was not an easy ride for Jillian, however, who was rejected on the previous Bachelor. She did her share of rejecting … Continue reading Archive ’09: Bachelorette Finale

Archive ’09: Family Guy Troubles

So should Fox air Seth MacFarlane’s latest episode of Family Guy? This episode is based on one of the most controversial topics, Abortion! Now “20TH Century Fox initially gave the green light,” but there is a chance that Fox would not air the episode. There is just no telling what will happen with this Emmy-nominated … Continue reading Archive ’09: Family Guy Troubles

Bachelor en Paradise

OMG, Caila is a flight risk, she's so indecisive! Just before Bret caused the excommunication of Vinny and Izzy, he took Caila out on a double date with Emily and Carl-also from Andi's season (I think).

How to Land a Production Assistant Job in the Film Industry – Actionable Steps and Advice


Actionable Steps to Finding an Entry-Level Job in Hollywood’s Film and Television Industry

I take road trips when I can, but being a Production Assistant currently consumes most of my life. I wrote about what I do as a PA earlier.  Now I’d like to write about how I became one.

Finding an entry-level position in Hollywood is harder than you think. But thanks to my struggles and stupid mistakes, I’ve learned a few things to help anyone get started on the right track.

Most blogs that talk about becoming a PA just tell you to “network!” and “be persistent!” And although those two things are important, those blogs usually fail to tell you how or even why.  I wanted to write something that went a little more in depth.  In order to start off on the right foot in Hollywood, you also have to learn how the industry works.  This post has nearly 5000 words…

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