Must-haves for Your Summer Travels

There are some things that you just shouldn’t live without and it’s a fact-a part of life, whether you know it or not. Summer especially, is no exception, for it’s the best time of the year to gather your must-haves and hit the road.

Personally, I am very much attached to Lysol! It’s one of the things that’s needed for every and any occasion, specifically when traveling, so I make it my duty to always have one with me. No, I’m not scornful nor am I high maintenance, but I do enjoy the comfort of knowing that someone else’s germs aren’t lingering in my living space. Anyway, the travel season is in full bloom and it prompted me to put together my comprehensive list of summer must-haves. Most of the items listed are my favorites and I am certain that they’ll become yours too, so here we go!


Lysol spray

Wet wipes

Huggies wipes

Insect repellent with 40+ deet

SPF 50+ sunscreen

Dry shampoo

Heat protectant hair spray

Hand sanitizer

There’s no point in listing toothbrushes and shower gels because these are given, however not everyone thinks of packing Lysol or insect repellant prior to his or her flight. You see, these items can be bought in any country, so often times we leave them in an effort to “pack light” without considering how much more money we’d spend purchasing them abroad. I am all about savings and spending the extra $25 for my check-in bag containing my invaluable liquids is far cheaper than having to buy shampoo for $30 EC. Regardless, I think it’s relatively important to always pack items that you know you’ll need more than once, instead of waiting until you’ve reached your destination to get them.


Bayer Aspirin

Benadryl allergy pills

Benadryl itch cream


Antiseptic wipes

Tums antacid

Mucinex DM

Breathe Right strips


Although it may seem simple and obvious, you’ll be surprised how many of us still forget to pack these very important items. When you’re on vacation, getting hurt is the last thing you want and having these at hand will surely put you at ease if in case you do fall ill. Thanks to my antiseptic wipes and Neosporin, I was able to heal my bruises and prevent infections after falling through a crack in the floor, while on vacation. It’s always better to be prepared for the unexpected.


Double-sided tape




Waterproof boots/shoes

These are the absolute must-have items when traveling abroad, especially if you’re visiting Europe and the Caribbean, where the weather can sometimes be unpredictable. A cute headband and sarong can take you through your workouts and even a fun night on the town. I recently vacationed in Grenada and thankfully I brought a headband with me because it is extremely hot there. I managed to use it as both a sweatband during the day and as a hair accessory at night, it worked out perfectly! You’ll also be surprised at the many ways double-sided tape can be used, so be sure to pack them.


Portable USB mini battery fan

Portable phone charger

Pocket Knife



You might be thinking that I’ve completely lost it after seeing these items listed, but I can assure you that there will be a time when you’ll need them. Like I mentioned visiting Grenada earlier, it’s hot and humid, therefore you will need a fan and what’s better than a portable one? In the U.S. we have the luxury of Air Conditioners at most hotels, however in other countries that luxury costs extra and if you’re traveling on a budget, how do you expect to stay cool without the use of an A/C or fan? Seems trivial, right? Well, with your portable and chargeable mini fan you can still manage to beat the humidity, even for a minute. Although everyone has smartphones across the globe, not every city or province is equipped with cell towers, so there will be a chance that you won’t have cell service and that’s where a compass, whistle and pocket knife will ultimately come in handy.

Be sure to pack all of the essentials, even when you think you won’t need it because life has a way of reminding us of the things we considered, but failed to accept. Travel as much as you can, whenever you can and always remain safe. Happy travels!




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