Super Nutritious Protein Shake

"This alone will give you 500 calories to add to your daily intake, which means more energy, more nutrition and more weight stability."

Creamcheese Frosting Coconut-Almond Cake

Last night I felt like baking, so I decided to make a cake with some new organic products I purchased last week from WholeFoods-really awesome stuff! Anyway, I wasn't too sure about how it'll turnout, so I mixed everything together and prayed for the best. My prayers worked because my cake is delectable! I hope … Continue reading Creamcheese Frosting Coconut-Almond Cake


Jasmine Brown Rice with Organic Chicken pilaf

There are many variations of this dish, but this is the one I love! The spices make all the difference, so make sure your chicken or meat is well-seasoned. It's simple and very easy to master! Maggi is a staple in my kitchen because it makes everything better, from a simple sauce to soup, it … Continue reading Jasmine Brown Rice with Organic Chicken pilaf

Archive ’09: Corpse Hoarder, Sentenced

According to Reuters, “A Florida woman was sentenced on Monday to a year and a day in prison for keeping her dead mother’s body in a bedroom for years [in order to collect] pension benefits.” 61-year-old Penelope Jordan kept her dead mother in a spare room for more than six years while collecting up to … Continue reading Archive ’09: Corpse Hoarder, Sentenced

Archive ’09: Victim Bites off Attacker’s Penis

According to, the girlfriend of a 28-year-old Italian man severed his penis. The man “invited [his] girlfriend to his home for cocktail,” but when she refused his advances, he tried to rape her. In an attempt to protect herself, the woman bit his penis. The man was arrested and taken to the hospital where … Continue reading Archive ’09: Victim Bites off Attacker’s Penis

Archive ’09: Once, Twice, Six Times a Virgin

According to, a 24-year-old Russian woman restored her Virginity six times. Natalia K. was not a virgin when she got married, but as a special gift to her husband on their first wedding anniversary, she had a hymenoplasty operation. When Natalia saw how delighted her husband was, she had another surgery done the next … Continue reading Archive ’09: Once, Twice, Six Times a Virgin

Archive ’09: Naked Man Visits Dentist

According to the Associated Press, 41 year old Christopher Hoff, of Strafford, Connecticut went to his dentist appointment naked. Police said, Hoff entered Optimus Dental Office on Monday wearing nothing, and later took off after the female receptionist screamed. When Authorities went to his home he told them he had been sleeping all day. Hoff … Continue reading Archive ’09: Naked Man Visits Dentist

Archive ’09: Cornrows, Unprofessional for White Police

According to the Associated Press, a white Philadelphia police officer came to work wearing cornrows and was deemed unprofessional. “Officer Thomas Strain was put on desk duty earlier this month because of his hairstyle,” and “was ordered by a superior to get a haircut, even though black colleagues wear the same type of braids.” The … Continue reading Archive ’09: Cornrows, Unprofessional for White Police

Archive ’09: Sprite, Banned

So has anyone seen the new “banned” Sprite commercial on The commercial features an interracial couple having oral sex. In it, the woman thinks about having a refreshing Sprite while her partner moans in pleasure. The big finally occurs when she envisions a large bottle of Sprite bursting into her mouth! What a load.

Archive ’09: Kelly to Wed Kelly

According to the Associated Press, Ms. Kelly Katrina Hildebrandt and Mr. Kelly Carl Hildebrandt will tie the knot in October after meeting each other via Facebook one year ago. The two met after Kelly Katrina, who resided in Florida, “plugged her name into the popular website just to see if anyone shared it,” and indeed … Continue reading Archive ’09: Kelly to Wed Kelly