Just Ask Him

Scene from a short film I had the pleasure of working on this summer. From since childhood I've enjoyed the craft. I remember playing the Virgin Mary on numerous occasions throughout elementary and junior high. I also played Principal McGee from Grease (1978) in my high school musical, and college was filled with student plays … Continue reading Just Ask Him

Favorite Foreign Film and How It Relates to the Plus Size Community

It was in the fall of 2014, while in the midst of finishing up my homework, when I suddenly felt the urge to stop and take a break from my studies. I turned on Netflix, went through my recommended movies and came across a film titled, "The Hairdresser" from 2010. It was written by Laila … Continue reading Favorite Foreign Film and How It Relates to the Plus Size Community

Archive ’09: Portman in Thor

NATALIE IN ‘THOR’? Natalie Portman is set to join the cast of ‘Thor.’ The 28-year-old Star Wars actress, will co-star alongside Chris Hemsworth in the upcoming “comic-book adaptation” of ‘Thor,’ which is set to be released in theaters on May 20, 2011. Kenneth Branaugh is the director, shooting takes place early next year.

Archive ’09: Cameron Diaz to Wed

Diaz walking down the aisle soon? UsMagazine.com reports that a fan asked Cameron Diaz to marry him at a “Comic-Con panel for her new thriller, The Box.” When asked, her response was “yes, where are you? Why not?” But it came with one condition, “can we get married in Vegas? I always wanted to get … Continue reading Archive ’09: Cameron Diaz to Wed

How to Land a Production Assistant Job in the Film Industry – Actionable Steps and Advice


Actionable Steps to Finding an Entry-Level Job in Hollywood’s Film and Television Industry

I take road trips when I can, but being a Production Assistant currently consumes most of my life. I wrote about what I do as a PA earlier.  Now I’d like to write about how I became one.

Finding an entry-level position in Hollywood is harder than you think. But thanks to my struggles and stupid mistakes, I’ve learned a few things to help anyone get started on the right track.

Most blogs that talk about becoming a PA just tell you to “network!” and “be persistent!” And although those two things are important, those blogs usually fail to tell you how or even why.  I wanted to write something that went a little more in depth.  In order to start off on the right foot in Hollywood, you also have to learn how the industry works.  This post has nearly 5000 words…

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