Archive ’09: Harris to Host Emmys

HARRIS HOSTS ON CBS! Neil Patrick Harris will host CBS’ Emmy cast. After hosting last month’s Tony Awards, the 36-year-old actor received critical acclaim and therefore, will both host and produce this year’s prime-time Emmys, which will air live at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on Sept. 20.

Archive ’09: Portman in Thor

NATALIE IN ‘THOR’? Natalie Portman is set to join the cast of ‘Thor.’ The 28-year-old Star Wars actress, will co-star alongside Chris Hemsworth in the upcoming “comic-book adaptation” of ‘Thor,’ which is set to be released in theaters on May 20, 2011. Kenneth Branaugh is the director, shooting takes place early next year.

Archive’ 09: Boy, Truck Float Down River

A three-year-old Canadian boy was unharmed after he floated 7.8 miles down a river on his toy truck on Monday. According to Reuters, the boy and his family were out celebrating his third birthday at a campsite in North-eastern British Colombia when he wandered of on his own to the river. The boy’s parents thought … Continue reading Archive’ 09: Boy, Truck Float Down River

Archive ’09: Turtles, JFK Shut Down

A group of turtles delayed flights on Wednesday morning at J.F.K International Airport. Reuters reported that the runway was shut down for “35 minutes while 78 diamondback terrapin turtles, each weighing [in at] 2-3 pounds, were removed.” The turtles caused a 1-1/2 hours delay, they were taken and later “released back into the wild.” A … Continue reading Archive ’09: Turtles, JFK Shut Down

Archive ’09: Cameron Diaz to Wed

Diaz walking down the aisle soon? reports that a fan asked Cameron Diaz to marry him at a “Comic-Con panel for her new thriller, The Box.” When asked, her response was “yes, where are you? Why not?” But it came with one condition, “can we get married in Vegas? I always wanted to get … Continue reading Archive ’09: Cameron Diaz to Wed

Archive ’09: Bachelorette Finale

So the Bachelorette on ABC came to its finale with a proposal and acceptance! Yes! Was Jillian Harris’ answer when Ed Swiderski, a Tech Consultant from Chicago, asked for her hand in marriage. This was not an easy ride for Jillian, however, who was rejected on the previous Bachelor. She did her share of rejecting … Continue reading Archive ’09: Bachelorette Finale

Archive ’09: Joe, Camilla Split

Joe and Camilla broke up? According to, Joe Jonas, 19, and Camilla Belle, 22, haven broken up! A rep. for Jonas specified that there is no third party involved, hmm, like none was involved when he broke up with Taylor Swift?

Archive ’09: Michael, Kids’ Guardians

Who is Michael’s kids’ guardian? According to Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson was named legal guardian of his three children! Prince, 12, Paris, 11, and Blanket, 7, will live with their grandmother and Debbie Rowe, Prince and Paris’ biological mother, will have supervised visits.

Archive ’09: Phone Lost at Sea, Returned

According to, “a mobile phone lost at sea for four days” was found in perfect condition and was returned it to its owner. The owner, Yu Hsin-leh, from Taipei, went snorkeling on July 24 and lost his phone. A park lifeguard found the phone in a water-resistant case, charged it, went through the contact … Continue reading Archive ’09: Phone Lost at Sea, Returned

Archive ’09: Groundhog Pepper Sprayed

According to the Associated Press, New Jersey Police used pepper spray to restrain a groundhog. Boonton police was called in after Alex Scott, a resident of the city, was chased by the rodent on his way to his truck. Two police officers, Sgt. Mike Danyo and Officer Paul Ryan, were at the scene to witness … Continue reading Archive ’09: Groundhog Pepper Sprayed