Oh, how beautiful you'll be, full of grace and humor, vigor and spirit, curious to a fault, unapologetic and self-aware, charming with a healthy dose of wit, faithful to your followers and caring to a fault, sharp as a pin and eager to learn. You'll be brilliant and self-assured, the smartest in the bunch with an answer to every … Continue reading Un-birthed


In your eyes

In your eyes, I see the warmth of the sun, the cool and caring breeze on a late summer day, I see the honesty and innocence of a child, a child eager and ecstatic to share his fun story about his art project, I see myself, where I've been and where I'm going, I see … Continue reading In your eyes


Thoughts racing, I'm pacing, waiting, waiting for my inner city to close down, to back away from all the chaos and anguish that can't seem to find a home. I tell myself it's ok and it'll all fade away, and I'll keep them all at bay, but the troublesome, meddlesome city won't leave me alone. … Continue reading SCREAMING silence