Thoughts racing, I’m pacing, waiting, waiting for my inner city to close down, to back away from all the chaos and anguish that can’t seem to find a home. I tell myself it’s ok and it’ll all fade away, and I’ll keep them all at bay, but the troublesome, meddlesome city won’t leave me alone.

I’m screaming from the top of my lungs but no sound can be heard, except the dead still of the night that fights me, that aches me, that won’t seem to let me be. Go away I say, and let live another day, for my worries and fears need a home, a home where they can never be alone with me, a seemingly naive passerby.

Let me out of your treachery and bondage, let me be free, free to live my life with no regrets, free to disengage from your cage of nothing but too much solitude. The screaming silence kills me second after second. Let me be free from thoughts, thoughts that plague my mind.

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