In your eyes

In your eyes, I see the warmth of the sun,
the cool and caring breeze on a late summer day,
I see the honesty and innocence of a child,
a child eager and ecstatic to share his fun story about his art
project, I see myself, where I’ve been and where I’m going,
I see feathers, soft to the touch and caressingly comforting.

In your eyes, all is well, my burdens are no longer there,
I’m in pure joy and fulfillment, and the world looks far better
than it is, I see you and all that you are, in all of your glory,
stripped to the core, as you are, right there in front of me,
embracing me with your kindness, with the purest form of love,
right there in your eyes, I see empathy and deepest respect,
adoration and admiration shines through that little sparkle,
right there in the center of your eyes.

In your eyes, I see the world at large,
from Machu to Gibraltar to the great walls,
you surround me, you move me, you cleanse me,
you fascinate me, you show me what it means to love,
what it means to care, what it means to be transparent,
what it means to forgive, right there in your hazel eyes,
in your almond-shaped eyes, I see wonder, I see love,
the luminosity they emit strengthens me,
it lets me know you’re here and I will forever be yours.


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