Oh, how beautiful you’ll be, full of grace and humor, vigor and spirit, curious to a fault, unapologetic and self-aware, charming with a healthy dose of wit, faithful to your followers and caring to a fault, sharp as a pin and eager to learn.

You’ll be brilliant and self-assured, the smartest in the bunch with an answer to every question thrown your way, strong-willed and yet humbled, a truth seeker and upholder of the law, you’ll stand up for what is right even when your life is threatened, your relationship with your God will supersede everything you’ll ever accomplish in your lifetime, you’ll be loved by everyone you meet, but more importantly by me, unconditionally.

You’ll be blessed immensely with talent and grandeur, but you’ll use it wisely to invoke change, change in a world that is broken and incredibly flawed, you’ll use your goodwill to ignite your peers with deep passion, passion that’ll surprise them and theirs, your level of care, tolerance, and love will be the subject for many generations before you and those to come, loyalty you will be ruled by and no harsh word will ever kill your confidence. You will be my child, my very own redemption, my freedom, my image and likeness, mine.


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