YES, challenges!

So many times we look at that one obstacle and think, “I’m not capable of doing this so I won’t even attempt it,” well you’re wrong! It’s so important to give yourself that chance to face whatever it is you think might be too much for you to handle. Being pleasantly surprised should be your new mantra.

Last week was hellish. I was sick to my stomach (literally) from severe menstruation and getting around to do the things I needed to get done was utterly impossible. Anyway, once that nightmare went away my boyfriend had this great idea to spend the weekend outdoors and I’m always up for a good sport, so I accepted.

We loaded up his car with the essentials, as I thought it was a perfect time to have an outdoor BBQ (nothing gets me revved up as outdoor grilling). The wind took us to Bear Mountain State Park in the Hudson Valley and this was exactly what my soul, mind and body needed. We set up shop by the lake, fired up our little red grill we bought a couple summers ago and got to cooking. Food was delicious, we were happy being out there together, the breeze was just right and my body was starting to feel whole again. It was a beautiful day for adventure. As it got darker, we thought more and more about spending that gorgeous night up there away from the hustle and bustle of New York City, and eventually, we reached a consensus, we stayed the night! Around 10 PM we checked in at the Inn and what a sight it was. The wooded and rustic interior was absolutely stunning. It felt like we were in an upscale cabin though it wasn’t. Weird, but amazing. I had a fabulous night and an even more fabulous view of the mountain and lake when I woke up. Simply breathtaking.

Later that morning we decided to hike up to Perkins Tower-1200ft elevation and were in for a heightened surprise. The trail we took, though rugged, consisted of steps and stones throughout which made it a little easier, but still very difficult. I climbed, stopped to rest, climbed again, stopped to rest, climbed again, stopped at a waterfall, and continued climbing. On many occasions I wanted to quit, just stop, go back down and go home, but not only did my boyfriend talked me out of it, I just couldn’t let myself quit. Without realizing this, I later thought that all of this was a spiritual journey for me. This was what I needed to do for myself to heal. My mum passed away a few years ago and then I chopped off my hair with the hopes of finding closure, but I didn’t feel it as much as I did while climbing the mountain. My illness from the previous week became a thing of the past while on that trail. I needed to be cleansed in some way and that’s exactly what that trail did for me. We met so many families and couples alike, all on a different quest. The climb continued well beyond the trail because once you’ve made it out of the mountain itself, there’s still a long paved hill that needs to be climbed before making it to Perkins Tower. I remember at one point running out of energy and feeling as though I was walking on air, but once I thought of the prospect of finding food when we’ve made it to the top, the feeling quickly went away.

It was a major physical struggle, but it was accomplished. In three and a half hours we made it to the tower and there were vending machinesĀ and a whole lot of people with cars. I was happy and in my element. Nothing mattered, except the view from up top. We had a field day taking pictures and enjoying the fresh, crisp, chilly air on top of that 1200ft mountain. What an accomplishment that was. I was scared, hungry, irritated, tired, in pain, amazed, and yet excited that I had the opportunity to go the distance, and take the chance to help myself heal from long-standing restraints. It meant an absolute lot to me knowing that I took the long road up with all of its trials, and didn’t quit. I’m reassured that I do have a lot more patience than I give myself credit for and I am ferociously determined. I know everything that I want out of this life and every corner, NO, obstacle, roadblock, and failure will only make it that much easier to get it. There was a time when I would allow myself to mope because I didn’t get the call for a job I really wanted and was qualified for, and even if a friend I’ve known for years suddenly became a stranger. That time is in my past and from this day forward I embrace obstacles. They say that nothing in life comes easy and so it shall be…

Road to PTThe Valley


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