Creamcheese Frosting Coconut-Almond Cake

Last night I felt like baking, so I decided to make a cake with some new organic products I purchased last week from WholeFoods-really awesome stuff! Anyway, I wasn't too sure about how it'll turnout, so I mixed everything together and prayed for the best. My prayers worked because my cake is delectable! I hope … Continue reading Creamcheese Frosting Coconut-Almond Cake


Jasmine Brown Rice with Organic Chicken pilaf

There are many variations of this dish, but this is the one I love! The spices make all the difference, so make sure your chicken or meat is well-seasoned. It's simple and very easy to master! Maggi is a staple in my kitchen because it makes everything better, from a simple sauce to soup, it … Continue reading Jasmine Brown Rice with Organic Chicken pilaf