Summer Drink Alert: Sorrel, Cherry and Mango cocktail

I’m feeling betrayed and depressed all at once, so I decided to raid my liquor stash in order to put together a nice little summer cocktail!

I brought back some duty-free Sorrel flavored Clarks Court Rum from Grenada, which I purchased just in case someone stops by and I feel like entertaining. Well in my depressed state, I’ve created the perfect tasting cocktail and I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you. So grab a pen and paper, and let’s go! Here are what you’d need:

6oz Sorrel flavored Clarks Court Rum

25 Cherries

1 Handful Chopped Mangoes

10 Ice cubes

Blend everything together until it becomes smooth and slushy. Keep in mind that my choice of ingredients can be substituted for whatever Rum or liquor you have at hand. If you’re interested in tasting Sorrel, I suggest buying a packet at your local grocery store. It’s dried and you’ll have to boil it in which case it takes on a blood red color, and that’s what you want. So once you’ve boiled your Sorrel, let it cool off, add sugar to taste then add it to your blender with your mangoes, cherries, choice of liquor and ice, blend and serve! Coming from someone, who doesn’t drink, it’s a very delicious treat. I’m just about finished drinking all 6oz of what I made. Enjoy!


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