Open Letter: Hire Me!

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is in support of my candidacy as a valued, resourceful and ethical media professional, who passionately and aggressively seeks employment within your company.

I reluctantly went to college to explore a career as a lawyer after one of my high school friends’ mother encouraged me to go, instead of devoting my life to the military. Anyway, I went then quickly my interest changed from law to journalism and then to theatre. For several semesters I studied both subjects simultaneously working on my college’s newspaper as a copy editor and being a part of my college’s theatre association. Life was great! I also held several part-time jobs while at school and at one time, I had two part-time jobs for three and a half years as a sales agent and a dining hall associate. I was living the life. Towards my last year of college, I realized that I loved broadcasting more than anything else because I felt like I had the chance to incorporate all of my loves into one grand career ball. I love traveling, I love writing and editing, I love performing, I love meeting people and hearing about their stories, I hate seeing people take advantage of others and I call it like it is, and I just love being in a studio and editing suite. This is what I love to do! One summer I took an internship as a production assistant on an online series and after my first day on set, I knew it wasn’t for me and I kindly expressed my gratitude for the opportunity and moved on. I’m sure it turned out great! The point is I went back to college to fulfill that yearn to become a reporter. I went back after graduating from my theatre program to get into the media business. There were many bumps on the way, but it happened-I stayed on track and graduated again with my degree in broadcasting.

You see, I am very hands-on and I love being on a team, making suggestions, sharing my opinions, seeing how everything comes together to create this one big thing, and if I’m not a part of that team, it’s not worth my effort. I am creative and curious by nature, I have that need, that want, to help others, to make sure they’re not being overlooked or mistreated, and journalist do that; so do lawyers, but they do it for a fee and I refuse to charge someone for exposing a crooked employer or a good-for-nothing landlord. I’ll let the company or network pay me to investigate these atrocities for the ones in need. Every day someone is getting stiffed or threatened or even killed for standing up for their rights, and I want to be there to aide in bringing these people justice; to make the public aware of these injustices. I said all of that to say this: I didn’t go to school to incur debt in order to work at a non-skilled job! I went so that I’d have a career and work in an industry that I admire and am extremely passionate about. I want to put my skills to good use and not feel like time is being wasted when I’m at work. Employers owe every ounce of their company’s success to making an effort to hire qualified individuals, who have studied the field, received the necessary training and experience, and are actively and passionately pursuing a career in their chosen discipline. Too many talents are being wasted because there isn’t an outlet to put those skills to use. Instead, you hire those with limited skills and education as a way to help you save money, therefore causing you to have such a broader revolving door. You owe us a fair chance to prove ourselves worthy of representing your company, it should be required!

Not everyone has a relative who can “pull us in,” it just doesn’t work that way and in some ways it could potentially cost you more in the end because when someone “pulls in” a relative, who’s to say that this is the career path the individual wants, which means when he or she leaves, you’re left with having to spend more for a new employee. Does that make sense to you? Why subject your company to such loss? Employ people who have spent sufficient time studying the craft and immersing themselves with the tools needed for the job. Employ me! I have spent most of my college career studying and practicing for this; learning about media ethics; writing, producing, directing and editing my own news stories; exploring the art of an effective on camera performance and the list goes on…There is a lot to be learned and I have learned a lot throughout the years. I’ve dreamt about making a life out of this business; this isn’t “just” something to do, this isn’t a fluke, it’s real and it’s what I want to do, fight for those who can’t and provide them with informative reports on topics that matter.

Fast forward to today, and my sentiments were headed in the right direction because I woke up, hours after I’ve started this letter, to find out that a former reporter has shot and killed two of his former colleagues. Was he “pulled in”? I don’t know, but evidently, he was in, he became a member of this exclusive club, he was given an incredible opportunity-an opportunity that wasn’t extended to me. This cements my feelings when it comes to overlooking qualified candidates in favor of someone who lives closest to the station, someone blond and thin, someone who already has connections within a network, or just someone who’s incredibly articulate and manipulative enough to Ace the interview! Stop! There are a lot of smart and industrious aspiring reporters and media personnel, who are passionate about what they do, who simply wants a start somewhere. Give them an opportunity to prove themselves to you, give us a fair shot at vying for that coveted role within your network, you might be pleasantly surprised. I have bills and things to pay for. My education was not free, so I need to pay back what I owe. All I ask is for a fair chance, especially as a minority.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to meeting you!



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